PPC Marketing

We've helped 300+ companies around the world increase the profitability of their online advertising campaigns. We can likely help you do the same

The traditional methods of advertisement are decked in favor of large and cash rich companies. PPC campaigns are unlike traditional media such as print, TV or radio advertisement, not one time and expensive advertisements. These ads are spread over time and the cost of each click is small. As a client you only pay when a potential customer visits your website.

Landing Page Setup
Nukulture will help you write, design, and develop best practices landing pages for your campaigns. We’ve formed our own landing page best practices based on years of testing different landing page formats.
Ad Design
Nukulture will design multiple flights of ads in the chosen ad platform’s recommended ad size dimensions. Our ads are designed to be enticing and eye-catching, while still representing our clients’ brand.
PPC Copywriting
Writing PPC ads is a balance of art and science. The ads need to be persuasive, yet informative, yet direct, all within very tight character limits. Nukulture has a team of experienced copywriters who have been writing PPC ads for years.
PPC Monthly Services
Our monthly PPC management services includes; Bid Management, Ad Placement, Targeting Adjustments, Check In Calls/Meetings and Monthly Campaign Performance Report.

Our Pricing

Our pricing for PPC management services is pretty straight forward. We charge a one-time account setup (or re-structure) cost which varies depending on the status of the account we’re on-boarding, plus a monthly management fee as a percentage of amount spent.